AMPO Webinars on Transportation Finance

In February 2014, AMPO offered two webinars in a series we will host on transportation finance. Our first examined the current trajectory of the Highway Trust Fund (HTF). Sarah Puro, Congressional Budget Office, discussed the status of the HTF. Starting in fiscal year 2015, the trust fund will have insufficient resources to meet all of its obligations, resulting in steadily accumulating shortfalls. Since 2008, Congress has avoided such shortfalls by transferring more than $54 billion to the HTF, mostly from the general
fund of the Treasury.
The second webinar, “Innovative Funding Strategies,” explored options and opportunities for transportation funding. Our speakers highlighted both state and local legislation needed to generate revenue. Tina Quigley, General Manager, RTC of Southern Nevada, Todd Lang, Director of Transportation Planning, Baltimore Metropolitan Council and John Mason, Interim Executive Director, Northern Virginia Transportation Authority presented. This webinar was recorded and may be viewed at
http ://webinar6 . adobeconnect . com/p8oolt39xxl/