AMPO Research Foundation RFP for Phase II of Common Transportation Modeling Platform

October 6, 2015 – The Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations Research Foundation (AMPORF) released an RFP for contractor services to develop phase two of a common travel model platform on behalf of five MPO Agency Partners. Each Agency Partner currently uses an activity-based model (ABM) system. The common transportation modeling platform under development is based on the Coordinated Travel and Regional Activity Model Platform (CT-RAMP) ABM. The common modeling platform will combine the current CT-RAMP code branches developed for individual MPOs into a consolidated trunk for use by each organization. Once consolidated, an Agency Partner steering committee will determine a development roadmap that best serves the common needs of the Agency Partners.
Click here to download the RFP.
Key Dates:
Pre-briefing Conference Call: 10/16/15
Proposals due: 5:00 PM EDT 10/30/15
This page will be updated weekly with questions received from potential proposers, and responses provided by AMPO, until 10/23/15.